Summer 2024 Professional Learning

This summer, CITE has a couple of opportunities available for CUNY Education faculty members to keep learning about computing and digital literacies integration.

To learn more, read below.

Affinity Groups for Continued Learning

In the interest of maintaining communities of practice around themes of interest to faculty and building momentum on their CITE work in courses, we are inviting faculty to join affinity groups inspired by last year’s summer camp themes and other topics surfaced by faculty. Please read carefully the description below and, if interested, please complete this form and speak to your team lead by April 30, 2024.


  • Collective sense-making about issues of relevance to contexts / disciplines
  • Giving and receiving feedback on artifacts and implementation of artifacts
  • Brainstorming things to share with the broader CITE community
  • Look for opportunities to better align artifacts to learning goals

Note: Unlike last summer’s CITE camps, this year’s affinity groups are NOT based around workshops designed by experts. Their goal is to support peer-to-peer learning, sharing, sense-making and feedback as individuals iterate their artifacts and look for opportunities to align their artifacts to program-level CITE learning goals. Affinity groups will be facilitated by individuals with interest and often expertise in the focal areas, but facilitators are there to primarily prompt and structure conversations, not design and implement specific, goal-directed learning activities.

Potential Affinity Groups

We have not yet solidified the themes of the affinity groups, but here are some topics that our community has expressed interest in over the last two year. In the interest form to sign up, you can express your preference(s). We’ll choose topics based on where we see community interest.

  • Early Childhood
  • AI in Ed and Teacher Ed
  • Scratch and Teacher Ed
  • Podcasting and Video in Teacher ed
  • Assistive Tech and Special education
  • CITE in Bilingual & TESOL
  • Digital Humanities
  • Modeling
  • Computational Thinking and AI
  • Maker spaces
  • Instructional Tech
  • CS Credential Program Design
  • Data Practices in Teacher Ed
  • Equitable CITE praxis
  • Expanding views on knowledge, literacy, and language in digital spaces (decolonizing literacy)
EligibilityFaculty who participated in CITE PD opportunities in 2021, 2022, and/or 2023 and who reported implementations in 2023-24 back to CITE on our reporting forms are eligible to participate in these affinity groups.
BenefitsVolunteer. Any funding for participation will be allocated through college’s CITE strategic planning budget
Dates / HoursOrientation / First meeting: Thurs 5/30/2024 4:30-6:00p

Unpack a relevant reading / resource together: Tues 7/9, 10a-11am

Feedback and sharing sessions – 1-2 faculty members share a work in progress, reflection question, or problem of practice, get feedback: 
– Feedback and sharing session 1: Thurs 7/11, 10a-11am
– Feedback and sharing session 2: Tues 7/16, 10a-11am
– Feedback and sharing session 3: Thurs 7/18, 10a-11am

Planning next steps – Tues 7/23, 10a-11am
Pre workWhen you sign up, you will receive a digital reading – review this for session 2’s book club! 
Table with structure of affinity group eligibility, benefits, dates/hours, and pre-work

Asynchronous CITE Orientation

New to CITE? Want a refresher on the wide world of computing and digital literacies? Need help making sense of the resources on our site? We’ve put the asynchronous content from our summer 2022 and 2023 professional learning institutes on to CUNY’s new learning management system, Brightspace, so faculty can participate in asynchronous guided learning at their own pace during the summer.

We will hold an orientation for this summer’s cohort of faculty participants on 5/31, have a mid summer check-in on 6/26, and an end of summer check-in on 7/31. Times will be shared soon on this page.

  • If you are faculty who has participated in CITE previously and interested in joining this summer, please complete this interest form and speak to your CITE team lead by April 30, 2024.
  • If you are faculty who has NOT participated in CITE previously, speak to your CITE team lead. If you don’t know who that is, please email [at] cuny [dot] edu